The Airborne Toxic Event Themed Writing Prompt List

  • Wishing Well: Write about what you would wish for if you had only one wish to set everything right, or if you even would.
  • Papillon: Write about what you think is your worst trait.
  • Gasoline: Write about the most reckless thing you've ever done.
  • Happiness Is Overrated: Write about a moment of self-pity/loathing.
  • Does This Mean You’re Moving On?: Write about moving on from someone/something, or them moving on from you.
  • This Is Nowhere: Write about what keeps you up at night.
  • Sometime Around Midnight: Write about that one person you'll never stop loving/ not be jealous over.
  • Something New: Write about if you reinvent yourself to be completely new.
  • Missy: Write about trying to convince someone to look past your bad past to see the good in you.
  • Innocence: Write about the time when you first realized you'd lost your innocence.
  • All at Once: Write about your reason to live/ the reason for existence.
  • Numb: Write about trying to steel yourself against emotional pain.
  • Changing: Write about someone in your life changing while you stay the same.
  • All for a Woman: Write about someone you would do absolutely anything for.
  • It Doesn’t Mean a Thing: Write about something you set your eyes on that ended up not happening in the end.
  • The Kids are Ready to Die: Write about being made to grow up too fast as a kid.
  • Welcome to Your Wedding Day: Write about a moment of either internal or external battle you've encountered.
  • Half of Something Else: Write about someone/something you consider to be the other half of.
  • Strange Girl: Write about a time you had your head in the clouds or couldn't stop dreaming.
  • All I Ever Wanted: Write about someone who you thought was perfect was anything but.
  • The Graveyard Near the House: Write about a time when you thought about your death.
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